4 Easy Steps to Take Your Cloud From Virtualized to API driven.

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The pace of the cloud has put most IT teams in a quandary.

In order to thrive and succeed in the new cloud world, IT teams need to promote themselves with higher-order skills and automated tooling, but their current infrastructure and old-school virtualization is holding them back.

  • How can they move from managing single VM's and legacy infrastructure into the brave new world of software-defined IT?
  • Is there a solution that completely automates the delivery of infrastructure, applications, and operations through API's?

Join us to learn how you can accelerate your journey from old-school virtualization to fully-automated API-driven delivery of complete IT environments while retaining full control and governance of resources.

Who Should Attend:

VP, Director and Managers who have to deal with the pain of resource allocation or those who are still waiting for the additional storage/compute you asked for two weeks ago.  And anyone who wants to get off VMware.

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