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Zimperium broke the code, how IT and Dev work together.

In this webcast, Jerome Brock, Sr. DevOps Engineer with Zimperium and David Vitera head of global system engineering at ZeroStack, discuss the changing role of IT in an era of digital transformation, how software development is now driving the implementation of intelligent cloud platforms to enable Continuous Development and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) of applications, and what’s required in a cloud platform to support digital transformation.

Their discussion covers:

  • How digital transformation impacts IT’s role in an enterprise
  • The changing role of development organizations in determining infrastructure
  • How cloud platforms support CI / CD frameworks
  • What’s required in a cloud platform to support digital transformation

Who Should Watch?

Medium and large-size enterprises, IT leaders, managers and administrators, application architect as well as development directors and team leaders, cloud operations and management team leads. 

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